Has Prayer been a challenge for you? If it is a struggle in your christian walk- then come join our prayer challenge!
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A 30-Day Prayer Challenge Free Printable


Today, we have a great post from one of my best friends in the Blogging World, Rosilind, from A Little R&R. She writes:


Do you find prayer to be a challenge for you?

Me too. I am often discouraged because I sometimes find it so hard to find the time….or even desire….to pray.  I battle with remaining concentrated in prayer.

When the weather’s nice I usually prayer walk a route around my neighborhood, but when the temperatures climb in the 100s, and never drop below 80 or 90, or when they are below 0 or it’s raining out, I take shelter in my living room where I pace back and forth and pray.

And while I find that it helps to remain physically active while I pray, I still get distracted by stuff I see – toys on the floor, a spot I missed wiping on the table, or the new “artwork”my son left on the wall.

I hope I’m not alone in this!

But in the end, I realize that this is really all a strategy the enemy uses against us to keep us powerless in our prayers.

Distracted. Discouraged. Disengaged.

Has Prayer been a challenge for you? If it is a struggle in your christian walk- then come join our prayer challenge!


This is why I am so excited about this 30-page prayer challenge printable pack….for both of us!

The 30 Day Prayer Challenge 30 Days of Prayer

As I’ve joined you all in the Fervent book club (albeit a silent member!), I’ve been challenged to write my prayers. Okay, thus far I’ve only written one.

Yes, one.

Its never been a habit for me. It feels awkward and almost silly writing my prayers. but I see the value in it…because as you write, you are engaged, concentrated….digging deep in your heart and emotions. As a matter of fact, I sort of wonder how I – a writer – have never actually given this a serious try before!

I just haven’t.

But I want to.

So starting in March 1 will be joining women everywhere in writing out my prayers. But not just writing them, I’ll be studying prayer.

I have created a 30-page prayer challenge printable pack in which you will find 30 verses on prayer. One for every day of the month.

But this is only the first of it’s kind.

Every month I will be creating a new one…with a special prayer focus: family, students, thanksgiving, children, marriage, advent….

You could call these “prayer targets”.

I kind of like that, actually. Because, we’re warriors in God’s army! He has given us 5 pieces of armor: a helmet, breastplate, a belt, shoes and a shield. Then he gave us offensive weaponry: His Word – a sword, and prayer.

But so often we behave more like prisoners of war than the victorious warriors He created us to be!

I don’t know about you, but I want to start acting like a victorious warrior!

If you’d like to join me on this prayer challenge, you can sign up to receive the 30 Day Prayer Challenge printable pack here.


I am excited about what God will do in and through us as we seek His face more intentionally!


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