Is suffering ever good? It can be - and here is how.
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Is Suffering Ever Good?


Is Suffering ever good? That seems like a silly question. Our hearts would say no. Our hearts would say that we never want to see a loved one suffer, never want them to experience hurt. Yet, sometimes, suffering is for our good.

Is suffering ever good? It can be - and here is how.

God doesn’t want to see us hurt- but sometimes, because He is God, he knows that us hurting for a moment is worth the greater good.

Think of your kids for a second. I have a two year old niece and she loves cookies and Popsicle. She has the cutest little face when she taste something that is yummy. She would eat popsicles and cookies all day if we let her. Yet, that isn’t what is best. If she sees me putting away a pack of cookies from the grocery store – her face lights up – until I tell her no. Cookies before dinner are not always what is best. Especially when I know that we are having something even better for dessert.

Seems kind of silly to compare our suffering to that of a little one. Yet, we can be a lot like my sweet niece. We can see our suffering- and all we can see is this moment. We don’t know how God plans to chip away at us to make us look more like Jesus because of this trial. We don’t see the better thing that He has for us down the road. We only see this moment.

We only see what is right in front of us- or what we want to be right in front of us. Because our eyes are mortal. We don’t have the eternal eyes of God.

But God. Some of the most beautiful words in all of scripture. He has eternal eyes. He sees beyond this moment of suffering. He sees the way that He is conforming you – and those around you – because of the storm and the suffering that you are going through.

So yes, suffering is sometimes for your good. Even if it hurts right now.

How Suffering Can Be For Our Good

Suffering can be for our good because it helps understand and turn to God. We lean into the character of God because God is never changing.

Suffering can be for our good because it will help us as important questions that we might not have asked about life or our situation if we were left to our normal routine or life.

Suffering can be for our good because it prepares us to identify with others who are suffering. We are now able to minister to others in a way we would not have been able to before.

Suffering if for our good because now we are open to others helping – and we are open to letting God be in control.

Suffering is for our good because we learn to rely on God in a new way, and see His Faithfulness. We can attest to His goodness and bring Him glory in a way we couldn’t have before.

Suffering is for our good because we now identify with Christ and his suffering on the cross.

Suffering is for our good because we are now more sensitive to the suffering in the world around us.

Yes, Suffering can be for our good. It might not seem like it right now – but in light of eternity- where our hope and end reward is- it can be good.

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