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Scripture Memory Challenge for Families: Love Is


Have you been wanting to memorize scripture as a family? I know that one of our families goals is to disciple our children. This means to raise them to not just know Scripture – but to truly be followers of Jesus Christ. In order to do this, it is going to require us to intentional in our time with our kids. One of the ways we can help our children become disciples of Christ is by memorizing God’s Word. With this in mind, we are happy to provide the Scripture Memory Challenge!

Take time this February to memorize scripture with your family as part of the Scripture Memory Challenge! Be intentional about disciple making!

Scripture Memory Challenge

The scripture memory challenge for families was a discipleship tool used over at Kids in the Word. Recently, KITW has needed to take a break – and so I am super excited to offer you these printables here!

Each month, you will find a pack that has a larger passage of scripture to memorize. You will see it fits hand and glove with our Scripture Writing Challenge–  it is the same passage as the long passage you will write this month!

The passage is broken down into verse by verse – so you can work on one verse at a time!

This pack is available in ESV and KJV ! *No other Versions will be offered at this time.*

Scripture Memory for the Whole Family

This isn’t just for your kids. It is for you too. I hope that as we are intentional to raise children to be disciples of Jesus Christ, we too will grow deeper in love with who He is and the Word that He has given us.

Scripture Memory Verse Printables

Here are your printables: Please note. Sometimes- yahoo addresses have a hard time on my server. I don’t know why. If you have a hard time getting your download, please go to my contact page and I will be glad to help!

English Standard Version:



King James Version:



I hope that this Scripture Memory Challenge is something that will be a blessing to your family as you get in the Word together in 2016!

Be sure you come back next month to get the March challenge!

Worshiping With My Life,



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