Has Heaven ever just felt far away?
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When Heaven Seems Far Away



Heaven – today it seems far away. There are days that my heart is overwhelmed with the feeling of being homesick. For a home my eyes have never looked at, a sod my feet have never touched. My heart yearns to be at the feet of my Savior, and to be reunited with those who I miss so much. Today, Heaven seems so far away.

Has Heaven ever just felt far away?

Today is Mother’s Day – and it has been a wonderful day. My family has spoiled me rotten. My husband does far more than I deserve. But, as I look into the eyes of those who made me Mama, my heart fills with tears.


These children. They are beautiful. I see me in my oldest. In the way she is a great big sister (even when she gets frustrated), the way she serves, the way she loves, even if she gets hurt. I see me in my son. In his internal processing, the way he loves a routine, and the color green. Then, there is that sassy little one – from her personality, to the gift of gab, to her tender heart- she has some of me. But, than I look in their eyes. I see the woman who has gone on to Heaven, who has left these rewards to me to raise. I see her, and learn about her, in each of them. Oh, how I miss her for them. I would give anything for her to be here and hold her babies today. I long for Heaven.

My eyes shift for a second, and gatch a glimpse of these sweet children’s granny. Their Mama’s mom, who taught me about truly loving. She loved me. Their bonus mom. Even after losing her only child. She watched her son-in-love fall in love again, and she choose to love me. One of the most selfless and unconditional loves you could have for another. Yet, she loved. We lost her a year ago – and my heart yearns to hear her voice, to hold her hand. I wish she could see these babies, and how much they changes. I long for heaven.

Thinking of their Grandmother reminds me of my own. She was truly my best friend. She gave more than anyone I ever knew – until there was nothing left to give. Every day, I strive to be like the woman she was. Caring. Giving. Loyal. Qualities that I want to pass on to my children and grandchildren. I think of the child I long to hold- and honor her in naming. I miss her every.single.day. but am thankful for the days that I had her.

All of these people remind me of my Savior. The one who ultimately makes heaven home. It is only because of Him that I can even enter. I long to worship Him at His feet, to sit in His Presence, and to just be with Him forever. I long to know Him in the fullness of His presence and glory. I long to never have to live another day in this sinful body – and to never have to cry another tear. I long for home.

Mother’s Day often leaves me with this feeling- this longing. Because it can’t be done in this world. Only in the next. Yet, I know that God has left me on this planet to be a witness. To share the truth of the glorious gospel. To lead others to know Him.

That starts in my home. Not in a foreign mission field, not even at my job or online ministry. That starts right here. With my children. The ones He has given me to raise. So they can know Him. So they can long for Heaven.

One book we have used in helping our kids talk about Heaven is “How Far Away is Heaven” by Margaret Davis Ledford. In this book, a little boy loses his Papa, and wants to know how far away heaven is. In this book, it deals with a Papa being sick, dying, and going to heaven- and the question every child ask “when can I see them” and “how far away is heaven?” The answer in the book is very simple, and make the child know that Heaven is a great place that they will want to go some day. The main thing I loved – was that they focused on wanting to be there because Jesus is there most of all.

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